Hello, and welcome to my portfolio website. I am Emma, an Industrial Design student at the TU/e. I work on products that can be integrated into daily life with attention and appreciation, to create wholesome experiences. On this page, you can read about my projects and design approach. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested!

I design for every day. My goal is to create products that improve people’s lives by smart integrations, and thoughtful design. When using something, I will be looking for how it can make me feel grounded and mindful. When designing something, I will be looking for ways to translate this into a product.

More about why I design, and how I work as a designer you can find on my ‘About Me’ page, with my vision and professional identity.

Aesthetic image of dried flat roots on a stone underground.

This is the Box 50-AI, my latest project. It is an old camera (Agfa box 50) that will be your guide to new curious perspectives.

If you would like a quick look at my other projects, or more details on this project, check the ‘Projects’ page!