Box 50-AI (FBP)

Smart Snacker (Intelligent Interactive Products)

Chandalert (Project 2)

Chandalert, a group project about the protection of the house against extreme weather.

Blossom Bin (Project 1)

Blossom Bin, a group project on increasing the amount of recyclable waste and efficiency of communal bins.

EZ-proach (USE-Line IoT)

Use your Head (Digital Craftsmanship)

Use Your Head, be mindful of the shopping bags that you use and collect.

Carpe Diem (aesthetics of Interaction)

Research: Friction-design in smartphone use (Design <> Research)

UIN (Creative Electronics)

UIN, the natural user interface light that can light your desk just where you want it to.

Lily (Creative Programming)

Lily, a small interactive creature that responds to changes in the real world and your interactions.

Research: Improving Interdisciplinary communication (Project 3)

Interdisciplinary communication in the field of AI design and how to analyze the problems.

Research: How sound affects sleep quality (Making sense of sensors)

Researching the effect sound has on sleep quality through the amount of REM sleep (collected through smart watches and separate sensors).

Eco-Flow (Engineering Design)

Eco-Flow, an energy efficient device to reduce the amount of condense on the rear window of a car.

Ice-Breaker (From Idea to Design)

Improving the Blossom Bin (Design Innovation Methods)

Improving the Blossom Bin, an analysis of the feasibility and value of the bin to different stakeholders.